TAB Stretch Wrap Machine

TAB  Stretch Wrap Machine

• Significantly improves packing and, Minimizes labor requirements. • Helps to increase floor space • Better utilization of stretch wrap • Reduces chance of product damage • Securely locks any load to the pallet • Stretch-wraps most loads in 1 minute • Protects product from weather conditions. • Sets up in less than an hour.  Reduces worker compensation claims.  Wraps standard, oversized and irregularlyshaped loads with no restrictions. • Orbital technology locks the product to the pallet resulting in a strong foundation. • Product can be wrapped confidently, without removing the pallet from the forklift or through the utilization of a conveyor system.• Objects that are difficult to strap can now be wrapped securely with ease.• Wraps around a horizontal axis, unlike traditional stretch-wrappers that wrap around a vertical axis.• Wrapping cylinder carries a spool of stretch-wrap on a moving dispenser.• Cylinder moves parallel to the forks of a forklift or conveyor.• Stretch-wrap is dispensed around and under the loaded pallet while the cylinder advances forward across the pallet.

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